New Equipment and Service!

The Xerox 1000 has one of the widest ranges of media handling, from a lightweight 55 gsm to a hefty 350 gsm.  This means we can now print on up to 18-point stock!  That’s thicker paper than we’ve ever been able to run before.  (Very thick business cards that you come across are usually 14-point.)  And this machine runs all paper weights at speeds of 80 or 100 pages per minute, which is much faster than our older model at 50 pages per minute.

Our 1000 also uses a new system of “Dry Ink” which doesn’t use fuser oil — so you really can’t differentiate the finished product from offset. The ink has the appearance of being “in” the paper rather than sitting on top.  No more cracking on a fold, either.

We also have an extra super-cool feature on our machine:  the new “Clear Dry Ink” as a fifth ink station, enabling a “spot varnish” effect on light backgrounds.  This is a nice design feature that can add a big bang to the look of a piece.

There is no substitute for great images — it’s the first thing your audience will notice, and it makes a lasting impression. By combining progressive monochrome technology with customer focused-engineering, the Xerox Nuvera provides image quality that challenges offset.

We are proud to offer XMPIE variable data printing. XMPie provides powerful, variable data publishing software that unites customer databases and creative content to help print service providers, marketing service firms, and small-to-medium sized businesses and enterprises, leverage customer data and create personalized, multiphase campaigns that use today’s communication vehicles including print, web, e-mail, and mobile.

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